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Pairing: Various, let yourselves be surprised. ;-)

Rating: NC-17, because some are, and some aren't. But it's better to be safe.

Author's Note: These are drabbles, meaning they're very short 100 words ficlets, dealing with various pairings and subjects. Hope you enjoy them.:-)

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Pairing: Miranda/Liv

Rating: PG (or maybe PG-13 for a very small bit of making out)

Summary: wherein Miranda doesn't like to shop for certain kind of toys, whereas Liv enjoys playing with nail bed thingamebobs.

Disclaimer: I have never met Miranda or Liv, so I really wouldn't know whether they enjoy shopping for toys or not. Completely made up, baby. Though if anybody asks, the way Liv acts in this? Totally me when stuck in the middle of a toy store. Oh, and actually, I do own Smoochy. As in I have one here. With me. Now. *say hi, smoochy*... Ooooo, nice people with shiny white coats! Coming to take me away on an extended vacation! How nice!

Author's Note: written in exactly 55 minutes as an improv. Baggers gave me the pairing (Mir/Liv), the premise (a toy store), the genre (comedy/sweet, if I remember correctly), and a list of words (hackey sack, computer, catalogue, nail bed thingamebobs).

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Pairing: Miranda/Liv (Heeee! First time writing girlslash! Heeee!)

Rating: PG

Summary: Wherein Liv isn't the sharpest crayon in the box.

Disclaimer: Since I've never been inside the make up trailer myself, I'll grudgingly admit that I don't think this happened. It could have, though, no? Right, no. This is fiction. Duh.

Author's Note: Improv written for the lj community contrelamontre. Attempted exercise in "show-not-tell". 30 minutes time frame. Title is French for "to burn".

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