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Author: Jem (me, duh)

Pairing: none so far. Cate character piece.

Rating: I'll say PG-13, but only because I typed "sex" in there somewhere and I'm always cautious. It's really probably more like G, though.

Warnings: uh... I don't know. Nothing really. Mentions of lesbianism, mentions of het...

Summary: It had never really occurred to her to think of herself as anything other than straight...

Disclaimer: I'm already physically sick, so it makes sense that I'd be mentally deranged as well. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to listen to the crazy strangers out there? Want candy?

In other words, none of this is true.

Author's note: Thanks to my Lilli for having a look at this. I know you didn't much enjoy it, but your pointers did help, so thank you. I love you and I miss you, by the way. Thanks also to devilherself for a very thorough and lovely beta. Your comments cracked me up, seriously. Re-reading them today actually cheered me up a lot. Not to mention helped me make this thing a bit better. So thanks to the both of you.

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